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Travelling For Your Next Business Trip? Even An Airport Transfer? Look No Further For A Professional Way To Get Around.

Limousine Hire St Helens have provided limousines services for businesses, outplacement companies and travellers for a long time. We understand the needs of businesses within a limousine and outside as you have busy schedules. Therefore, we have limousines which are perfect for working in while travelling and we will never be late for your pickup. Maybe you need to get to the airport on time, so we will schedule a pickup so that your not late for your flight.

We have businessman travelling outside and inside of St Helens who come back to use our services all the time, so why don’t you start using our services too?

You can use us for many kinds of events and we will never be late for them. These are some examples of what events people have used us to travel to:

  1. To and from airports
  2. All kinds of business meetings (with clients or sales)
  3. Out for dinner
  4. Sporting events
  5. Outplacement service meetings

We have the simplest booking process which is efficient for you to not waste your valuable time. We are flexible to cater for your busy hours and we can re-schedule your limo hire when your own schedule changes too. We should be the number one choice as we are more reliable being based in St Helens than national limo companies who need to travel miles in traffic to get to you.

We are not just showing off our reliability, we have a first class service so that you feel safe and important when using our service. If you need drinks while travelling, we can offer you them along with electronics chargers and space to work on your laptop or with papers.

Recent Reviews

“My limousine has never been late and I will always use this service towards others due to its reliability.”

“The limo I always hire is cleaned well whenever I travel in it and caters for all my needs so I can crack on reading on my studies.”

“I travel all over the place for business and I found myself over in St. Helens. I was in desperate need of a last minute limousine service and Limousine Hire St. Helens was there for me. Very friendly and always put my needs first, this is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone!”